What is PMI?

We value dialogue, think carefully, expand our networks, and value our perspectives
that are rooted in various clinical experience, while also contributing to medical care in Japan
by the interaction of research and medical economic issues. This is our company.

Optimization of regional medical resources
Bridging the gap between clinical research and science
Activity report


To support all stages of work to normalize the quality of care in small and medium hospitals.
In addition to supporting and accelerating clinical research,
we also nurture talented medical professionals and provide a place for clinical success.

For those who are worried about various issues in hospital management

Want to start home medical care Elderly health care professionals How to proceed with clinical research Regional Health Promotion

At RMI Co., Ltd., specialists in each field provide practical support while inquiring
about hospital management and other concerns in detail.

•If you want to start home healthcare for the elderly living in the region,
but do not know how to prepare

•The local population is decreasing and the proportion of elderly is increasing,
so you want advice on the future of hospital policy

•If you want to present your daily clinical results at a conference,
and you don’t have enough time to prepare